Healing Resonance


Kristi Borst is an international writer/speaker, fractal artist, and channel for divine healing energy. After healing a physical wound as a toddler and being told “never do that again!”, Kristi buried her gift for nearly 50 years, forgetting it was there. In early 2011, Kristi’s path back to SELF was ignited, and in Fall 2012 she reconnected to her healing gift. Since that time, Kristi has been assisting people world-wide, facilitating their release of physical pain and dis-ease, emotional trauma, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs. Her Perspective Reboot®  and Kore HealingSM processes help others shift to and “own” a space of more joy and increased wellness of mind-body-spirit. Session choices range from on-demand audio healings, to group healings (scheduled by Kristi or organized by clients), to one-to-one sessions offered world-wide via telephone/energetic connection or in person in Wells, Maine.


Kristi is offering 10-minute DNA activation/Theta Brain-State Relaxation/Higher Self message sessions at the Enchanted Bazaar. She is also offering for sale her “Energy-in-Form” Healing. These images employ layers of computer-generated fractal, light, hand-drawn elements and love-based Source energy/healing codes Kristi is channeling. She will be available to answer your questions and to schedule upcoming sessions. Kristi’s work helps “release that which no longer serves you!”




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