The White Raven


Kim Bolduc-Bartlett is an empathic, clairsentient tarot card reader who works with her clients in the present.

Empathic clairsentient refers to the ability to sense or experience the feelings and emotions of other people. Empathic clairsentients are capable of having the ability to be consciously be in tune with someone’s emotional state, to the point of physically feeling the same emotions, thoughts and personality traits of the other person with out any prior knowledge

Kim has a B.S. in Liberal Arts and a M.S degree in General Education.

She founded the community Face book page “Healing Hearts” in support of those who are grieving, have experienced a loss, or a traumatic event in their life.

Kim’s first chap book “Lying and Dying: Eclectic Writings of a Redheaded Stepchild” was first printed in 2013.


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